LinkTV with Method, Inc.

Interactive Designer

Completed at Method, Inc. Art Director, Paul Miller; Design Lead, Tomi Lähdesmäki; Interactive Design Lead, Fabian Falconett.

LinkTV News approached Method, Inc. to create the identity and interactive model for an iPad application. The challenge was to identify a way to create a curated experience while still providing the user with the feeling of exploration.

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The objective of the mobile application is to create an event, invite your friends, connect with new people, and finally, to view the content—as it is happening—by time, profile, or place (map).


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MassArt Made embedded storySystem

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The MassArt Made embedded storySystem installation as implemented for the Store’s Grand Opening on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies and systems to magically correlate an artist’s voice with merchandise sold in the store. A visitor to MassArt Made can pick up an ‘Artist Card’ next to certain, select sale items in the store and scan in a QR Code ( QR = ‘quick response’ ) on the card into the storyScanner to trigger and play a corresponding 30 second audio clip posted out on the MassArt Made website. The artist tells a story about their artwork, thus providing new context to the piece through an aural trace back to the artist. The stories engage the entire captive audience of shoppers in the MassArt Made store location in a unique, new way that connects story to object, voice to product, and ultimately visitors to the stores more directly to the collective vocal history of MassArt’s amazingly rich students, alumni and faculty.

created with BXOS !nteractive + Most Wanted Consultants


Boston Magazine ShopTalk: MassArt Made

BostInnovation Boston’s Newest Boutique is set to Showcase Art’s Finest Students

Stuff Magazine Art-school cool



is a proposal for an iPhone application. The project was inspired by the French philosopher Guy Debord whose theory of psychogeography was to “[invent] strategies for exploring cities…just about anything that takes pedestrians off their predictable paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape.” (Debord)

A user walks according to a previous users directions and geotags their photographs and then leaves directions for the next user resulting in a collaborative and unpredictable ground level mapping project.

The project began by coming up with an algorithm to explore the urban environment by walking and photographing a participants surroundings. Each participant (over thirty people) was asked to walk the following directions from any starting point in their city: 1) walk west 2) take your first right 3) take your first left 4) take your first right 5) stop. These were the only restrictions. A participant was then encouraged to take photographs at any point along their walk. Some of the cities covered were: Boston, Paris, Auckland, Santiago de Chile, and Tokyo.

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Mapkin was shown at the exhibition ‘Provocative Objects’ at MassArt in November, 2010. The interaction was very simple. I created an area for a person to draw a map of the world on a napkin, take a picture of it using the webcam, and enter it into a projected slideshow (thanks to Pol Pla i Conesa and Alex Wang). I collected over one hundred hand-drawn maps that represented the unique perspectives of the mapmaker and their knowledge of geography.

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