MassArt Made embedded storySystem

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The MassArt Made embedded storySystem installation as implemented for the Store’s Grand Opening on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies and systems to magically correlate an artist’s voice with merchandise sold in the store. A visitor to MassArt Made can pick up an ‘Artist Card’ next to certain, select sale items in the store and scan in a QR Code ( QR = ‘quick response’ ) on the card into the storyScanner to trigger and play a corresponding 30 second audio clip posted out on the MassArt Made website. The artist tells a story about their artwork, thus providing new context to the piece through an aural trace back to the artist. The stories engage the entire captive audience of shoppers in the MassArt Made store location in a unique, new way that connects story to object, voice to product, and ultimately visitors to the stores more directly to the collective vocal history of MassArt’s amazingly rich students, alumni and faculty.

created with BXOS !nteractive + Most Wanted Consultants


Boston Magazine ShopTalk: MassArt Made

BostInnovation Boston’s Newest Boutique is set to Showcase Art’s Finest Students

Stuff Magazine Art-school cool



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