Sleep No More NYC

a few thoughts on the experience… the whole space is a memory. it’s not all in the performers. in fact, they are merely passing ‘happenings’ that remind us that life is a chaotic mess of ‘happenings’…characters, passing dialogue, ambient sounds, smells…these are all noticeable parts of places. we make sense of the information, of all of these discrete moments, by searching for a larger story within it all. how can we make sense of something? by identifying with it from past experiences. past experiences exist as memories embodied through the narrative form. the memories are reconstructed with context, characters, time, plot…and then the visual, aural, olfactory, haptic senses. to me this is where the name Sleep No More comes from. that we, just as places, are created by our past experiences and memories—we are living with them. they are with us now in our experiences…they are not sleeping.

by choosing hitchcock and shakespeare, the experience is easily identifiable—we audience members know what to expect from the conventions of the narrative form. there is little more to say about the plot which is exactly why it isn’t important to follow the plot of Sleep No More. the experience exists within the audience members ability to form their own narrative from the stimuli. we form our own personal stories in life everyday. it’s by relating our own perspective, as an author of a story, that we relate to everyone and everything else. how brilliant is it, and kind of besides the point…but proves my point, that the moment after it’s over, everyone gathers to try and reconstruct the narrative and make sense of it?


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