a few things i’ve been meaning to check out

and if they’re here i’ll remember to do so…

ME++ The Cyborg Self and the Networked City

Throughout history, humans have created unique physical spaces in which to live, work and socialize. But the digital age has completely transformed the places in which we conduct our affairs, according to William J. Mitchell…

Beyond Locative Media

Locative media has been attacked for being too eager to appeal to commercial interests as well as for its reliance on Cartesian mapping systems, yet if these critiques are well-founded, they are also nostalgic, invoking a notion of art as autonomous from the circuits of mass communication technologies, which we argue no longer holds…

Greyworld | Playing in the City

Our work is about play, and allowing creative expression in parts of the city that usually exclude it. Over the years. we have created permanent installations in many countries around the world.




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