Operation Chinatown

recent updates to the project (at least in thinking…)

1. the “videos” are all tagged to QR codes (see Chinatown page above for more project info)
2. the objective is to get people interested in their surroundings using their mobile device— typically used for isolating themselves—and to make the story interactive. how to do that?
3. i’m thinking that after a participant experiences the short video clip (made entirely of photographs and audio recordings) the interface prompts them to contribute both a photograph and an audio recording of their own (quite easy to do if i’m concentrating solely on the iPhone…which i am to make life easier) and place somewhere along the timeline of the video.

questions around #3
+ are they able to replace existing content?
+ will the ability to contribute their own material to my story lead to a disastrous and disjointed story line?
+ does that matter?
+ this would mean i can no longer use QR codes (?)


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