so then, last night was our mid-semester reviews. i can only remember one question: “what’s not working?”

and i suppose this meant, more or less, ‘have you been testing the system?’

the system, as it stands, is a site-specific geo-tagged story in chinatown boston with a set beginning and end. the middle parts of the non-linear story are left to the participant to experience as they move throughout chinatown. the pieces of the story are triggered according to their location. the story has both visuals (photographs) and audio recordings that would have to be experienced through some sort of mobile device.

other suggestions that were given:
(1) perhaps it doesn’t have to be headphones but rather a sound dome. j. loved the idea of having an umbrella as the sound system. i don’t know about that.
(2) that maybe this thing becomes a platform rather than a single story where i am the author. i don’t know about that either. i’m not trying to create a platform where people can geo-tag their own stories. i like that my story is my own perspective where i am directing the user/participant through my own experience(s) in a place.
(3) the system has the potential to grow more complex and layered…that the participant should be rewarded by taking their time to go through the story or by returning to certain spots. i think this will depend on the amount of content i can get…but in the end the proposal for what the project could become seems to be all that matters for presentation time.


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