Something for June

Rethinking Cities Ltd.

With more of us living in cities, it is time to rethink all the elements of how we build and redevelop our urban and suburban environments. Our ethos is that more effort should be given to creating liveable neighbourhoods. We are fervent about transforming the way people experience life in cities. At Rethinking Cities Ltd. we are passionate advocates of sustainable living, and have helped individuals, communities and corporations to realise sustainable opportunities and to modify their lifestyles and practices

Satellite Bureau

A social and tactile approach to technology and work with audiences to explore location and sense of place. Through commissions, exhibitions and residencies they produce installations, performances and websites to explore how new technologies influence the way we inhabit an environment.

Blink Media

Blink find new ways to use familiar and accessible technologies for the widest possible audience. Our cross-disciplinary, multi-platform work has created original and effective combinations of science, film, mobile phones, realworld games, RFID, Bluetooth, performance, theatre, literature, new media technologies, interactive architecture, community and public art.


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