More Projects

Project Idea 1: Using Montmartre and it’s hilly area (potential for elevation tracking…though maybe its too bourgeoisie for this) to experience the play Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry. Perhaps breaking down the play into each character, adding music (especially the song at the end of the play)…what else?

Project Idea 2: Without thinking too hard about the restrictions, or parameters rather, I’m going to take a walk. The walk will be from my house to some point at Harvard…perhaps the steps (wish it were the steppes) of a chapel or famous building on campus. I’ll take with me both a camera and sound recorder. For every 30 meters (I’ll tell you why in meters in a hot second) I will take a photograph and record the sound; from start to finish. I’ll edit together, slideshow-like, a piece that covers this journey visually and auditorily and send it to my girlfriends parents in Paris (hence the meters). They’ve never been to Boston and I know they have some ideas about, not just the place their daughter and I are living, but of Harvard. Sure they can experience the millions of photographs on google earth of this city and it’s schools…but not from my perspective. This is how I intend, for this project, to augment place through the digital medium…for now.

Project Idea 3: Creating a linear based cause and effect installation. Digital affects analog which affects digital which affects analog and so on. This is really inspired by the window display at Hermès by Tokujin Yoshioka.


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