the ephemeral

the thesis exploration question, what is your point of view?…and then put as, what bothers you? changed my thinking as i drove home last night. what i’m interested in exploring about space is particular to the place. perhaps that seems obvious but i’m trying to find out how we experience a new place and what ideas we may already have of them. what probably bothers me most is our misconception of place and our inability to get lost…by which i mean, we do not, often enough, allow ourselves to be lost. after watching ‘tides and rivers’ with andy goldsworthy, i was wondering how the ephemeral in new media can work within my thesis exploration. ‘using the digital medium to augment physical space and experience narrative.’ in ‘drift’ by teri rueb, the ocean tide changes the soundscape in the installation. i love this idea.



  1. I think space and place is an interesting theme to explore as a centerpiece of your thesis. In particular, exploration of “our inability to get lost” could feel a series of repeatable lab experiments — participatory interactive experiences that get to the core of what we experience as place and space.

    It’s an opportunity to investigate intent, self-direction and the balance of power and control between the designer and participants of a system or experience. I see getting lost as another way to explore the roles that designer/architect and users can play in interaction design. Does the structure, interface, content provide room for users to get lost, to hijack the experience and make it their own? To what extent? How do varying degrees of freedom given to users affect the experience? Is there a point of diminishing return where too much freedom prevents them from having a coherent experience or interfere’s with the clarity of the theme/message or designer’s intent?

    These are just a few questions — there are many more to ask — but thinking about space, place and the benefits and dangers of “getting lost” along these lines could be fertile area of investigation for your thesis.


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