On the thesis radar

“Using the digital medium to augment physical space and experience narrative”

Here are a handful of examples of the direction I’m headed in. Above is the rather vague, but nicely put (by Joe Q…more or less), thesis proposal statement. Since it has potential to grow, I’m sticking to it for now.

+Teri Rueb

+ land art

+ Andy Goldsworthy

+ ‘Wasser‘ by Stefan Schemat

+ geopoetics

+ Kenneth White

+ Brett Stalbaum: “After land art: database and the locative turn”

+ Katja Kwastek

+ Kelly Dobson

+ locative media walking art

+ C5 Landscape Database API 2.0 (An Open Source GIS API for Digital Elevation Model processing and performance)

……..from Joe Q…….

+ Spiridakis’ thesis project (project 7.1)

+ narrative in space

+ “Time to Time”

+ “Invisible Cities” by Calvino

+ What do I want to know about space?

+ the memorial for the firefighters near boston common (poor use of space and conveying the deeper meaning?)

+ how can digital transform the experience of narrative?

+ Hamish Fulton (walking artist)

+ transforming a real space into a fixed space

+ what if a sensor triggers a story?


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