i like to eat my vegetables

second cup of tea. i’m forcing myself to have less coffee, which means more tea. i’ll have my first cup of coffee after lunch. all i can think about is agent cooper giving the thumbs up to chief gordon…who i only just realized was david lynch. i have several project ideas in my notebook and a few others written on some scrap paper around the room. i’ll have to bring some of these ideas to seminar. last night frank wilson said something about going back to when we were doing something we enjoyed and then to look at some possible wrong turns. the coffee in hand, no pun intended, has been a nice ritual but one i think i should give up. going, once again, back to the new york days (2004…mostly the summer into the fall) i remember three very important aspects of my life…one: (mostly) vegetarian diet with fresh juice (usually carrot, celery, ginger) and tea, two: writing and watching movies and three: walking. this seemed to work out. i was never tired and overall less cynical and more optimistic about…all things. so then, i think i’ll buy a vegetable juicer, get rid of the car, cut down coffee to one cup of coffee per day and switch to a (mostly) vegetarian diet.

agent cooper


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