not for tourists

1:29 pm monday afternoon…even though it doesn’t say so on my blog. i’ll have to change this eventually i suppose. van anh has left for haiti. i just checked her flight status and she arrived in port-au-prince two hours ago. movement part II for david’s class is finished. no one is home and i’ve had two coffees. i’m thinking its almost time to do some processing tutorials… mais j’ai trop la flemme. joe libs asked me to post some of the books i’m reading so here they are:

A Year With Swollen Appendices

The Worlds of Nam June Paik


Beautiful Data

i had an idea for my thesis proposal…direction, which has many, to do something with diary entries. the thought goes no further than that, or well, it had after three pints and a train ride home while reading ‘a year with swollen appendices.’ hopefully those thoughts return…maybe after a few dogfish 60 mins…or 90.


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