joe libs turned me on to this talk on TED from sir ken robinson on how school kills creativity. i’ve been realizing that i start to consider things like brushing my teeth, making tea, taking a shower, etc. as exercise because these are the moments when i’m moving around and not sitting in front of the computer. terrible, really terrible. any time i think about actual exercise i become tired. in fact, i’m always tired. some of the questions i asked myself during the ’20 questions exercise’ were about some of the things i had stopped. those included yoga, guitar, and walking. what do i do? this is the routine: wake up for a fresh orange/grapefruit juice, followed by either toast or cereal, followed by coffee. then turn on the computer and read (hardly ever reply) to emails. maybe a bit of the news. then into work mode. so, then i’m between illustrator, final cut pro, flash, some photos for a stop-motion, drawing up some storyboards and mind maps, maybe some blogging. lunch and dinner fall in there somewhere…along with class which is in front of a projection screen watching presentations. maybe the reason i’m interested in tangible interfaces and installations is that i actually have to build things with my hands and be up and out. this room is very dark. it’s past noon and i’m still, like everyday, in my pajamas working from my bed.


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