a review

friday 9:20 am. green tea, orange juice. read the morning news. something about half-male half-female chickens. the hacking cough sticks around for another day. the “dust-catcher” blanket is wrapped around my shoulders and i’m looking down at my computer which, as the name suggests, is on my lap. to my left are the piles of paper for seminar class plus mind maps and storyboards for mid-semester reviews. i’ve finished my studio II prototype. another stop-motion piece. i’m going to include the manovich movie in the presentation and maybe the study on line and shape. but that makes seven minutes for two classes. i guess the last three minutes will be for motion and sound. seminar class topics will have to be the thread and i’ll have to announce some possible directions in my work. so then. directions. we have: maps, psychogeography, tangible interfaces (maybe i should talk to hiroshi ishii…and play him at ping-pong too), installation work, storyboards and of course stop-motion. ah, but then there is sound too. i don’t have any working examples of that so far…unless the prototype for motion and sound counts…and i suppose it does.

motion and sound prototype (made by yaoming)


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