breaking in spring

i’m as sick as a pike. first i was described as a bowl of nerves (though i think now it was ball and not bowl (the accent)) and now this. spring break began almost one week ago and i’ve done nothing but worry about the state of my studio project. well, that and presentation time. i can’t decide if i should go with my typical movie presentation or talk through my ‘process’ as the others seem to be good at doing. i should be up for the challenge but the bowl (ball?) of nerves will return if i decide on the narrated slideshow thing. twin peaks is finally over. the second season was pretty horrendous…but i can’t get the theme song out of my head or the whole doppelgänger ending. on the menu for tonight is vietnamese stuffed tomatoes, winter melon and tofu soup, and a mung bean dessert called chè.



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