spring break day one

i can tell it’s time to write when my neck begins to hurt like this. i first thought when i woke this morning, after having had three pints at the watering hole last night, that i slept…wrong. that maybe it was just the double stacked pillows or the creaking of the floor upstairs or even just the full bladder that caused me to toss and turn all night which caused this ever-increasing pain in the neck. but no. really it’s just the thought of this prototype for studio II and the looming presence of yet another review. ten minutes and ten minutes. how to plan? shall i find the threads of my work, photograph/document all of the steps, storyboard a presentation or video…? i don’t really know. i went to the ‘reliable market’ in union square today. a korean/japanese market. tonight we’ll have salted mackerel with chinese cabbage, rice with japanese seaweed seasoning and a ramen soup with watercress and egg.

rice seasoning

i found a new way to sit with my computer. i’m on the floor and the computer rests on the bed which is at chest level. this way i’m not looking down at the screen and straining the ol’ neck…plus we’ll probably watch twin peaks tonight…which means i’ll have a throbbing spine.


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