new wave

i’ve just made a mind map and a venn diagram containing some of the categories that i seem to enjoy. i’m trying to see how they overlap. i haven’t made a venn diagram since high school and it took me five minutes to discover that there were many more overlaps with four circles than i had originally noticed. pathetic but a good exercise. i had been noticing that i was leaving music out of every mind map i was creating even though it’s been an important part of my life. unfortunately, i play a lot less guitar than i used to. i’ll change that. tonight i’ll have a meeting with joe q. the last meeting sent me back to godard. i’ve been reading ‘Jean-Luc Godard’ by Richard Roud and i’m in the middle of ‘Pierrot, le Fou.’

Pierrot le fou

i haven’t watched his films since the new york days. mostly i’ve been watching ‘Twin Peaks’ and reading a handful of books on design. i like stepping away and reading/watching seemingly disparate…things and seeing how they influence my projects. though i am taking a film class so it all seems to come back to that. a side note; i watched a TED video on stefan sagmeister…i like those pieces he created about ‘things i have learned in my life.’


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