a software handicap

i’ve got this cs4 master suite haunting me through my days. probably, at this point, i have taken at least six to seven tutorials on flash, after effects, dreamweaver, indesign, and illustrator. but the more i learn, the more there seems to be to learn. i just watched a five minute tutorial on ‘how to give better presentations.’ it was the most helpful tutorial i’ve seen to date. not that i don’t want to learn about typography, key frames, motion graphics and all of the infinite techniques and tools that could potentially make me a better designer and storyteller…its just that, as i’m being hurled through the viscera of interactive design, i find it nearly impossible to take in everything that is being offered. i suppose i expect myself to be fluent in the language of design and programming when i’ve only had a background in filmmaking and photography. i like to keep in mind this idea of organization and making myself comfortable within the computer. a sort of desktop feng shui…

desktop feng shui


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